For manufacturers selling in retail chains, Google launches affiliate location ad extensions

Posted on: October 20, 2016 by in SEO
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Original manufacturers that sell their goods in retail chains can now begin promoting those locations to nearby consumers within their own AdWords ads. Google announced the launch of affiliate location extensions in AdWords on Thursday, giving manufacturers a new way to support their offline retail distribution efforts on Google.

With “near me” searches continuing to increase on mobile, the new extension offers an in-ad where-to-buy option for manufacturers that may or may not sell directly to consumers on their own websites or at retail locations.


Like regular location extensions, the affiliate location extensions will show the nearest locations where the product is carried as an address, or on a map if there are multiple retailers nearby. However, unlike standard location extensions, affiliate location extensions do not require linking to a Google My Business account. Advertisers select the chain retailers where their products are sold from a list in the extension setup.

Affiliate location extensions are rolling out in the US, but at least one UK user began seeing the option in accounts earlier this week.

Additionally, Google says that using this extension may also enable some manufacturers to be eligible for store visits data in AdWords to help show how the ads drive in-store foot traffic. As with all store visits data, eligibility is based on volume. Ads have to drive enough clicks and in-store visits to meet statistical confidence levels.

US advertisers will begin to see affiliate location extensions in their accounts over the next couple of weeks.

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