Google Local Business Cards or Posts about to roll out to ‘thousands’ of SMBs

Posted on: August 19, 2016 by in SEO
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In March, Google started showing “Local Business Cards” as part of the Google Posts system. This allows content providers or businesses or candidates to control the content that appears in the carousel near the top of search results.

Below is an example rom March, for Healthy Choice Massage. Now, according to information obtained by Mike Blumenthal, Google will dramatically expand availability Google Local Cards or Local Posts from a “few dozen” at launch to “thousands” of small businesses.

Local Business Cards

Google Posts was created with mobile users in mind but they display on PCs as well. Google’s intent is to allow the business owner or marketer (or candidate) to communicate directly with users in search results, including content or information that the Knowledge Panel doesn’t allow. Content is also shareable from within the carousel.

When I initially wrote about Local Posts in March, I speculated that it could be quite significant for local SEO — or local visibility at least. Andrew Shotland did a further analysis with some predictions about who would benefit: Google, savvy local businesses, agencies and spammers.

At the time of the initial experiment Google was uncertain about a broader rollout. That question appears to have been answered by Mike Blumenthal’s Google sources, suggesting the company has seen good results and feedback.

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