How many days has it been since the last Google Penguin Update?

Posted on: September 7, 2016 by in SEO
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The Google Penguin Update is a filter designed to help Google combat severe forms of spam in its search results. This page tells you how long it has been since the last Penguin Update, which is helpful for those hoping to escape the penalty.

Penguin operates on a periodic basis. When it happens, it catches and penalizes a set of sites. It also releases some sites previously caught, if they’ve reformed themselves in a way that Google likes.

During the time between updates, any sites penalized by Penguin remain that way until a fresh update happens. Even if they correct problem areas, the penalty carries on until the next Penguin update happens. That’s a wait that can last for over a year.

Below is our clock that counts the days since the last Penguin update:

Here are the exact dates of all Penguin Updates since the filter was first developed by Google:

Here are dates of all Penguin releases and the time elapsed from the previous update:

For more about the Penguin Update, including all our latest news and developments on it, see our Penguin Update page.

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