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Google studying ways to deal with offensive search suggestions & results

Posted on: December 17, 2016 by in SEO
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As Google has come under fire for search suggestions like “are women evil” or actual results questioning whether The Holocaust happened, those who oversee its search engine aren’t ignoring the issue. They’re just taking time to figure out the best and most comprehensive response. This week, I met with several engineers and executives involved with Google’s search results, including Ben Gomes, vice president of core search. There’s no question that Google has heard the concerns. Continue Reading ...

Google: Autocomplete does not favor any candidate or cause

Posted on: June 12, 2016 by in SEO
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Google has denied claims surfacing today that the company manipulated its autocomplete search suggestions in favor of Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Google’s communications team issued this statement today: “Google Autocomplete does not favor any candidate or cause. Claims to the contrary simply misunderstand how Autocomplete works. Our Autocomplete algorithm will not show a predicted query that is offensive or disparaging when displayed in conjunction with a Continue Reading ...

Google says it’s not deliberately filtering “Crooked Hillary” suggested search to favor Clinton

Posted on: June 4, 2016 by in SEO
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Type “lying” into Google, and it will suggest “Lying Ted,” the moniker US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump placed on his once-rival Ted Cruz. But type “crooked” into Google, and it doesn’t bring up the “Crooked Hillary” label that Trump has attached to his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. What’s going on? It’s not because Google has done anything deliberate to favor Clinton, either through automated or manual means, the company told Search Engine Land. It Continue Reading ...