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Connect audience insight to your SEO strategy

Posted on: October 19, 2016 by in SEO
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Audience enrichment — combining first-party data from your website with third-party data gathered from other sources to get a more complete picture of your visitors — is a hot topic right now amongst enterprise-level businesses. Evidence of its impact is clear in channels such as programmatic, which continues to rampage through paid marketing budgets, hoovering up the dollars left and right. eMarketer UK Programmatic Digital Display Ad Spend 2016 Being UK-based, the above overview from Continue Reading ...

Exploring a newly-granted Google patent around social signals

Posted on: October 9, 2016 by in SEO
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Disclaimer: When discussing patents, it’s important to remember that simply filing a patent does not mean a technology is in use or will ever be used. It is simply a strong indication that an idea is being considered and likely tested. Every now and then, a patent comes across my radar that gets me excited, and one granted recently to Google fits that bill perfectly. We’re heard repeatedly from Google that social interactions are not a search ranking signal.  In fact, you can read a Continue Reading ...